Vice Principal

Name : Madhvi (Vice Principal)
Qualification: B.E.D, M.A, M.Phil (Eng)
          SVM Dhura aims atteaching students not just to live but to reason and analyze life. We all are working hard to make our students achieve those ‘sweet fruits’ of education.Our motto is imparting values and culture oriented education to our students.What we strive for is the all round grooming of our students by meeting theirintellectual, spiritual, and emotional needs.

         Asthe Vice Principal here, I am very fortunate to have a team of dedicated,innovative and enthusiastic staff members. We consistently review ourcurriculum and extracurricular activities to provide our students the bestpractices, atmosphere and surroundings. The students here get unlimitedopportunities to explore their respective interests and innovative new ideas.We believe that children of today are leaders of tomorrow. An unending list of our alumni consistingof Judges, Police officers, politicians, doctors, engineers, teachers etc.,is  a solid proof of our this belief.

         In the end, I welcome all our old andnew students to SVM Dhura. Take life as it comes, victory will finally beyours. God bless you and wish you a happy and successful year ahead.